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Christian School Discriminates Against Child of Gay Couple

Donelson Christian Academy, a local (Nashville) private Christian school, has denied a child admission on the grounds that the child is from a homosexual family.

Last year, John Barnby and his partner turned in an application to DCA for their son to begin kindergarten next fall. A few weeks ago, he received a call from Danny Kellum, the headmaster of DCA.

The headmaster was curious about the child having two male parents.

"He stumbled over his words and directly asked if we were gay parents. I responded that we are a gay family and very interested in our son receiving a quality education at a faith-based school," Barnby said.

According to Barnby, Kellum told him that his home life is an abomination against God and that if Barnby’s son was to attend DCA, he would be taught that he comes from a sinful family and subject to the ultimate punishment from God. Kellum went on to say that he had family members who used to be gay but have repented their sinful ways and given their life to God, Barnby said.

He then informed Barnby that the child’s application would not be accepted.

A few days later Barnby received a letter from the admissions director of the school stating their regret that Barnby had decided not to send their child to DCA. The school also returned the application fee.

Barnby, who worked as a human resources director for the past 25 years, is now a stay-at-home father. Both his partner and he attend a local Episcopal church.

"Most troubling to me is that these Christian schools profess to be Christ-like in their teaching; there is nothing further away from that - they are allowing children to suffer," he said.

Kellum did not want to talk about the issue. "You can report that I have no comment," he said.

The mission statement on the school’s Web site states: "Donelson Christian Academy will serve Christ by assisting parents in providing their children a quality education … from a biblical worldview that will develop the whole child to be Christ-like leaders … in their communities."

Administrators from other local religious schools St. Cecilia and Christ Presbyterian academies did not want to comment on their enrollment policies.


It's never quite understandable why some GLBT persons feel necessary to even attempt to place their children in religious schools.  However, the most important thing to consider is how such horrific, albeit legal, discrimination tactics wreak havoc on the student's understanding of themselves and their family.


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